Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Movement for Movement

It's all over the internet: pages and pages of well-designed, articulate sites that promote fitness, health, and nutrition. Loads of free, sensible advice and information. Example: FenrirFitness, a site that coordinates useful tweets with well written, highly useful articles. Another example: fytnessfanatik, where the links to Facebook are more predominant and the focus on fundraising for worthy causes such as multiple sclerosis is emphasized. Other sites such as prsfit offer highly professional training options from a convenient online perspective. The list goes on and on.

This is over and above the high volumes of excellent information you can get online from Runner's World and other fitness magazines.

Countless legions of people post their bios online, people who have conquered all sorts of physical and mental conditions and continue to triumph thanks to fitness regimes that they generously share with the world. So do some searching and see what you find; it's limitless.

Today's tip: wear proper gloves when you run. Frostbite is a real condition, and it can happen. Leave a little space at the tips of the fingers on the coldest days for warm air to collect and protect your fingertips.

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