Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Kingdom for a Post!

The world is a strange and wonderful place. Democracy is erupting all over the world; the events of places on the other side of the globe are instantly in our consciousness. It's truly like watching something in a dream, not even possible to guess what will happen next. People are beyond confused; how can you look at something like Nostradamus and even dare to think that his hallucinations are even a fraction as wild as what's really happening?

You have to consciously avoid labeling things as good, bad, or indifferent. You simply have to evaluate what is in the best interests of the greatest number of people, or of the people you most care about.

Case in point: I hear a news story about drug lords in Guatemala being loved by the locals because of the good work and constructive projects that are being done by the drug lords and not by the government. This is presented as outrageous (can't argue with the twistedness of it), and yet the whole spectacle of the royal wedding is never presented with any of the inherent irony of that undemocratic system. I'm certainly not advocating the overthrow of the royals, but I am amused by the inability of people to get it.

Anyway, I have enough to worry about. I have windows to wash, lunch to prepare, floors to sweep... I also have to come to terms with the less than satisfactory recovery of my right leg. Ever since my appendectomy it's been a reall nuisance, achilles pain one day then knee pain the next. Cursed leg; can't you just behave?

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