Saturday, May 15, 2010

Number One Run

Today I ran 20 km at a pace of 5.15 mins per km. That's my second-fastest recorded pace to date, the only faster being 5.12 on a 10 km run. I also did 5.15 two days ago on a 10 km run.
I've been running for about five years now. One promise I made to myself was that I would drop weight slowly. When I started running I weighed close to 180 lbs; today I weigh exactly 160. I've been at 160 for less than 6 months, which I think has everything to do with my recent burst of speed. I eat much less, but I concentrate on fruit, vegetables, whole grains... and very little meat or fish, and always low fat. Of course I indulge in 'bad' food on occasion, and have a few beers or rums now and again. Running lets you get away with a lot.
Active people know the simple truths of weight, diet, and exercise. We have to continue to be examples to everyone else in our lives. They see what we eat, how we regularly run, and most importantly, they see how much better off we are as a result. I see the effect I have on colleagues at work, on members of my family, my kids... As we know, everything else falls into place: a healthy environment by definition is devoid of junk and is constructively organized and responsible. So kudos to all of us, and let's keep making little improvements in our world every day.

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