Saturday, May 1, 2010

Niagara Daredevil

The 2009 Niagara International Marathon was an important milestone in my marathoning journey. It was my 11th marathon, but it was also my fourth marathon of the year. I had never done more than 2 marathons in a year prior to 2009. The two spring marathons (Waterloo and Mississauga) were exceptionally slow due to injury and poor stretching regimens. The marathon I ran about a month prior to Niagara, the Scotiabank Toronto, was a PR for me, and I expected simply to cruise through Niagara, get some bling and have a bit of fun.
However, as the race started andI found myself sustaining a pretty swift (for me) pace, I realized that I felt pretty good and that this could be a good one. So I took a risk; I kept up a pace that was beyond my normal comfort level. And sure enough, my body went along with that. I PR'd at 4:12, 4 minutes faster than my previous best. And I felt great.
I feel like I've hit a new level, especially after nailing the Around the Bay 30k in 3:05. Look out, Ed Whitlock, I just might be able to catch up to you (if you're still running at 100 and I'm still running at 70)...

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