Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If It Ain't Fun, You're Not Playing Fair

I keep getting faster. My regular 10km course takes me under 53 minutes consistently for a few months now, and recently it's far from unusual to do it in less than 52 minutes. Winter times last year used to be much closer to 60 minutes, consistently closer to 56 minutes. Why?

One reason is that I weigh less. Last winter I was between 165 and 170, and I'm now hovering around 160 all the time. That helps to increase speed, but so does the fact that I focus on increasing speed in pretty much every run. A tempo run is an average run for me.

This measurable improvement is infinitely motivating. It makes every morning exciting, an event to look forward to. It's all part of a game, a game that has infinitely variable rules that I can change whenever and however I like. Take a creative approach to it, never let it get stale.

There were quite a few runners out on the route when I ran in Ottawa a couple of weekends ago, and that is unusual for me since I always train alone at 4 am. I loved the challenge of trying to overtake the person in front of me. No I didn't stick my tongue out as I passed them or anything, just in case they turned out to be a tax auditor or something in that bureaucratic town.

So if I go out and don't break any records or come in a minute or two slower than usual, I don't sweat it in the slightest. As long as all systems are functioning ok, it's all good.

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