Monday, February 28, 2011

The Best 48 Years of My Life

What better time to sum up one's life than on a birthday?

I've had the opportunity to spend sizable chunks of time lying on beaches. There is no substitute for the intensity with which all senses are assaulted on a hot, sunny beach. My advice: spend as much time lying on beaches as you can.

I've run 15 marathons and a handful of other distance races. I haven't won any of them, but I've gained an enormous sense of accomplishment that has gradually become a sense of entitlement from this pastime. Training for these races has been at least as important as the actual races to my sense of wellbeing and health. You meet all kinds of people before, during, and after a marathon, and you see huge swathes of cities in a mere few hours.

I managed to complete my bachelor of arts degree at the university of my choice. That accomplishment was extremely important to me at the time, and what I took from that experience cannot be measured in mere dollars.

I travelled to Asia, got married, sobered up, and still remain with the same woman almost 25 years later. Our two kids are young adults now, independent, and well on their way to writing their own long life stories.

I've been successful in my career. This has allowed me to be financially stable, and has kept me occupied and constructive during the week for many years.

So yes, it's just begun. There are countless things I still intend to do, places I will visit, people I will meet. But I have another half century in which to do it, and time is passing quickly, so I better hurry off and get that cup of coffee that just finished brewing.

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