Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Around the Bay Around the Corner

It's getting close to the Around the Bay, and I don't think I've ever felt less tense or more prepared than now. Maybe it has to do with having run a personal record four marathons last year, the last of which was a PR. Maybe it's being at my lowest weight since my teens and at my fittest. It could be the dramatic drop in meat as part of my diet in the past few months, or the increasing level of creative input I've had at my job.
Whatever the reason, I'm chomping at the bit. The unrelenting deep freeze temperatures of this winter haven't helped to make me less patient to see spring. It's time. Let the running season begin!


Chanthana said...

It could be the combination of all those wonderful factors! I'm looking forward to following your progress this racing season. So what made you decide to eat less meat?

Myron said...

My kid went full veg, so gradually we started making less meat since it's simpler to make one meal... and there's so much variety, as well as better nutritional input, that we've just kept cutting back