Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day Off

I always feel guilty, or restless, or impatient on days off. Something is missing. It's difficult to get into that zone where you convince yourself that it's for the best. That sore hamstring, tight calf, general wear and tear, are all very grateful for the rest.
I think it's important to maintain that balance of being able to take time off with a minimum level of guilt, but to nurse just a bit of that guilt because otherwise the days off could become more frequent. And if that happens, the whole thing could start to unravel. Too much rest is not an option. So 10km tomorrow morning it is, then off to the gym Friday morning. Saturday is a no-run day since it's the day of the expo for Around the Bay. Sunday morning will be the day of the race, and that's what the party is all about.

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