Saturday, March 13, 2010

Memories of Spring Marathons

The weeks leading up to my first spring marathon in 2006 (Ottawa Marathon) were weeks of anxiety and uncertainty. Sure, I had completed the Toronto Marathon in October 2005, but training through the winter was a bit tougher. I wasn't going out in all weather. I would take days off when it was particularly cold or windy or icy. The pains and tightness that have since become minor issues to patiently work through were matters of concern that would preoccupy my thoughts throughout the day.
The Ottawa Marathon was the last weekend of May, and the entire month was one big rainfest. And cold. On top of that, my daughter, who ran the Toronto Marathon with me, was not having a good time of it with her aching knees. Ultimately, she switched to the Half at the Expo, so it was gonna be just me.
The morning of the race dawned humid and hot. Damn hot. By the end of the race it reached 30 Celsius. But guess what? I ran the race in 4:16, a PR that I didn't pass until the Niagara Marathon in Oct 2009, nine marathons and 3 and a half years later.
I no longer feel anxious before a marathon. Excited and prepared, yes. I have a healthy respect for the distance. But I now just go out there and do that victory lap for all the training that preceded the run, make or renew a few friendships along the route, and bring home the bling.
Come on, spring 2010 marathon season. I'm ready for you.

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