Sunday, April 4, 2010

Around the Bay

So the race last Sunday went even better than I anticipated. My pace was faster than ever; that little bit of weight I lost seems to have helped immensely. Just paying close attention to the calories in/calories out thing as well as the quality and variety of food is a huge factor.
The weather was almost perfect; overcast, cool enough for a light jacket and tights. When I got to the hills after 19kms, I concentrated on keeping up the speed. The great thing about a well-populated race like this (approx 10,000 runners) is that there is always someone to focus on passing. The downhills hurt a bit, but the uphills were actually welcome for the change in muscle work even though they tax the lungs a bit. The Grim Reaper was great to see, funny guy, and he was within 3 or 4 km of the finish.
I almost sprinted for the last couple of kms. It was crazy fun; drizzle had started within 15 minutes of my finishing. My finish was one of the best ever for me; I look like I'm just giving it, which I was!
Then I fainted in the food line; a nice girl crouched beside me and talked me through until I felt better (took about 15 minutes), lent me her cell phone to call my wife. And I was absolutely fine after that. Don't know her name, but thank you for your help!!

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Maria (maslife) said...

Nice race! And, I'm glad to hear you were okay after the fainting. That can be scary - feeling okay now?