Friday, March 4, 2011

Going Bananas: Half Baked and Slow to Rise

I'm learning patience. Waiting for sufficient healing to take place since this appendectomy is slow sweet torture, like waiting for banana bread to be done. I think about banana bread all the time now, constantly reminding myself that if I try lifting things or running before it's time to do so I risk having a gooey mess that doesn't taste good. Mixed metaphors make this recovery thing even more repulsive.

So I go for walks once a day. Sure, these walks are slow and short, but they're getting better every day. No planks yet, although my stiffening back sorely tries my patience in resisting that activity.

I read a lot. I'm reading a novel called Doghead by Merton Ramsland right now, which I recommend highly. I've watched untold numbers of movies as well. Think I'll watch Spirit of the Marathon today; watched it when it first came out, really enjoyed it.

I'm getting a lot of busy work done as well, things like refining my cell phone plan, reviewing other bills for trimming and accuracy, organizing files...

It's not like a vacation. I can't run, can't move things around that weigh more than a pile of paper, can't travel around... and it's cold outside, so if this had happened in the summer I could at least lounge in the sun and burn that damned incision shut.

Oh well, got a whole weekend ahead of me so might as well line up my tax forms and get that done. Fun.

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