Monday, March 7, 2011

Ode to Daily Mile Folks

People are overwhelmingly good. I'm not talking out of some rose tinted perception of reality that is based merely on hope. I have had countless experiences that reinforce that fact throughout my life at various, random times, and it is one of the top reasons that life is so incredibly interesting.

A couple of friends of mine whom I know from social media interaction have given me an incredible gift of motivation, a gift that has almost 150 participants to date. I was throwing around the idea, in jest, that one of these friends should run for me too. We threw the idea around as a joke, but suddenly the other friend had a brainwave and, using his exceptional powers of organization and his clout as a great athlete and eminently respected member of the dailymile community, set up a challenge whereby people run a mile for me. This challenge has been the strongest trending challenge on for over twenty four hours now.

So in this challenge we see the result of dozens of runners who, simply, want to give one of their own a bit of a boost. I will never forget this gesture; everyone who has participated is a hero to me, and I know that their kindness and generosity has had an enormous effect on the world in ways I can only imagine, and will collectively and individually move this world, bodily, in the right direction. Gestures of this sort are evidence of a power to make this world a better place in every way. Of this I have absolutely no doubt.

So I would like to issue another challenge to everyone who reads this post. Do something nice for someone else whenever the opportunity arises. Make it a habit; give directions when people ask. be generous with compliments, give time to people who seem to need it. You'll get back way more than you give, as you probably already know.


Kovas said...

Always enjoyed the DailyMile challenges when I was on it - good to hear they work!

Myron said...

The challenges certainly are fun, and add a further aspect of interactivity to the whole thing.